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The goal belief of Sugar Land Preparatory is to successfully prepare each student to navigate the complex issues and heightened stresses that accompany the teenage years, middle/high school success and graduation, college success and graduation, and the workforce. We must unlock the remarkable potential of every student through creating exceptional experiences that increase learning, developing leadership skills, and promoting positive peer interactions; Each student is to be groomed to be a leader of tomorrow. Unity within stakeholders concerning our education mission, values, and beliefs is visible, palpable, and managed daily to keep consensus on-going. Our (school, students and parents) 100% commitment to ensuring a kind, caring, empathetic, unified, yet academically demanding atmosphere is evident daily. Open dialog is the norm with all representative stakeholders. Planned meetings, collaboration, and input were all foundation materials of Sugar Land Preparatory at its beginning and remain the backbone belief of our continued success.


Carol Appelbaum
Carol AppelbaumHead of School
Marty Appelbaum
Marty AppelbaumSenior Faculty Advisor
Sofia Mirza
Sofia MirzaAdministration Director (Academics and College Advisor)
Aly Mathews
Aly MathewsExecutive Director (Admissions and Educator of English and Speech Department)
Tiffany Tsang
Tiffany TsangEducator, Science and Math Department and College Readiness Coordinator (Duke TIP, SAT, ACT, PSAT, math, and science)
Daniela Velasquez
Daniela VelasquezEducator, Science, Mathematics Department and College Readiness Coach (Duke TIP, SAT, ACT, PSAT, math, and science)
Mobeena Siddiqui
Mobeena SiddiquiMiddle School Administrator Assistant
Dr. Maryln Appelbaum
Dr. Maryln AppelbaumSenior Education Advisor
Dr. Kuni Beasley
Dr. Kuni BeasleyFounder, NEW College Preparatory Academy