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Sugar Land Prep Optimum Learning

The core of our accelerated learning process is contained in our learning strategy. This is fundamental to making progress in our curriculum.

Most people learn Basic Reading (sentences, paragraphs, linear reading) in elementary school. However, rarely do people move to the higher READ Levels. We train our students in these higher READ Levels, providing them the Tools and Techniques to comprehend and understand new content better, faster, and easier.

Students are often told to “Study Hard,” yet few actually know how to study and even fewer have been trained. We develop our students’ knowledge through a system of Gathering-Processing-Applying information.  We train our students to use a system of thinking and information processing: Read, Organize, Analyze, and Document information. This method contains a specific STUDY and Note-Taking-Technique so our students have an integrated learning system and strategy to learn better, faster, and easier.