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Talent Plus Hard Work

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” but what happens when talent does work hard? As an example of what happens, let’s take Tayler Hunter at our very own Sugar Land Preparatory Academy (SLP). She is one of many of SLP’s high-achievers, who works longer and harder than you can imagine. Tayler first [...]

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The Sound of Success

It’s not every day you hear the word mridanga in a sentence. In fact, you’ve probably never heard the word before. But for Ananjay Raju, a 7th grader at Sugar Land Preparatory Academy, mridanga represents a big part of his life and culture. What does mridanga mean? A mridanga is an Indian drum shaped like [...]

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Student’s Peer Recognition

When do you start preparing for college? What about for your career? Omer Loya started his preparation in 7th grade, when he began learning and implementing advanced concepts such as ethos, pathos, and logos in his middle school coursework. His implementation of such concepts not only allows him to outdo his peers in his education, [...]

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More about Sugar Land Prep in the News

We did it again! This time the story features our awesome students. Carol Appelbaum founded the Sugar Land Prep, middle and high school in 2009 inspired by her daughter a bright and hardworking student. SLP is a school where student like her daughter Ciara Appelbaum don’t want students to settle for mediocrity. “SLP coaches’ students as [...]

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Sugar Land Prep is in the News!

Check out the news story that recently appeared in the Voice of Asia about Sugar Land Prep. SLP – A UNIQUE AND SUCCESSFUL US PREP SCHOOL IN THE HEART OF SUGAR LAND Ms. Siddique assisting Ananjay and others with the structure of college courses. FORT BEND – We asked Carol Appelbaum, the founder [...]

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Welcome to our new blog!

We're so glad you found our new home on the web. We've had a blog before but we have just moved to this new platform. Right now we're working hard to develop new stories about our school, our students, and the Sugar Land Prep community. We hope you'll check back soon. If you have questions [...]

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Congratulations Graduates!

Class of 2016, Each of you holds a permanent and unique place in my heart. You are each positive role models. You have left a legacy at SLP. The ending of the SLP school year video was spectacular. Locking and unlocking the doors at SLP will never be the same for me. Your future seems unknown to [...]

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