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Sugar Land Prep HandbookThe Sugar Land Prep Handbook is a great place to go when you have questions about the day-to-day activities that take place at Sugar Land Prep. It is designed to give both students and parents a broad range of information regarding our philosophy, our policies, and our procedures. We request that our families download a hard copy of the handbook and sign each element where indicated. Making sure that you understand significant policies will help avoid confusion and give you the chance to make sure you have all the information you need.

Sugar Land Prep Handbook

Our FAQ offers answers to the question we hear most often. We suggest that you take a look at this valuable resource as well.  If you do not find the information you are looking for on either of these pages, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


This handbook communicates Sugar Land Preparatory Academy’s philosophy and sets forth standards, rules, and procedures. This handbook is intended to change and grow as our school changes and grows. This handbook is designed to foster a mutual understanding of what is expected from our school and what our school expects from our students and parents. Parents, you are our partners. Students, you will be treated with respect. You are expected to respect yourselves and other Sugar Land Preparatory Academy students, parents, faculty, and property.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy will deliver academic success through an individualized program using self-paced curriculum combined with low teacher to student ratios. There will be 100% commitment to ensuring a kind, caring, empathetic, unified, yet academically demanding atmosphere. Our school motto is “Success, Nothing Less.” This is not just a motto but a reflection of our commitment and student commitment that every graduate will be prepared for success in college, the workforce, and in life. “Success, Nothing Less” means creating exceptional student and student/teacher experiences that increase learning modalities, develop leadership skills, and promote positive peer interactions. Each student will be groomed to be a leader of tomorrow.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy is a unique private school. Our goal is to develop our students with the skills needed to distinguish oneself in a competitive professional world. Our goal is to lead our students from wherever they currently are to as far as their potential and hard work allows!

SUGAR LAND PREPARATORY ACADEMY is affiliated with NEW College Preparatory Academy
We use NEW College Preparatory Academy curriculum because it is designed using a highly individualized approach which strives to meet the needs of each student at the individual student’s academic and social level

Parents are highly encouraged to participate with school administration. Parental participation develops a stronger bond between the parent and student. Parental participation enables the parent to better understand their student’s daily activities.

Please contact at 281-303-5590 or email:

Mrs. Carol Appelbaum, Head of School ca@sugarlandprep.com

Mrs. Aly Mathews, Executive Director (Admissions, English and Speech Department) aarellano@sugarlandprep.com

Mrs. Sofia Mirza, Administration Director (Academics and College Advising) smirza@sugarlandprep.com

Miss Tiffany Tsang, Educator, Science and Math Department and College Readiness Coordinator (Duke TIP, SAT, ACT, PSAT, math, and science) ttsang@sugarlandprep.com

Miss Daniela Velasquez, Educator, Science, Mathematics Department and College Readiness Coach (Duke TIP, SAT, ACT, PSAT, math, and science) dvelasquez@sugarlandprep.com

Students do best if they have six hours (daily) of academic school time. School hours (including lunch and breaks) range from:

  • 8am-3pm
  • 8:30am-3:30pm
  • 9am- 4pm

Please print this section and initial the hours above that your child will attend. It is best that the time you select is consistent. Students may arrive as early as 8am. Students arriving after 9am or leaving between 3-4pm need to be mindful to avoid distracting others. The last pick-up time will be 4pm.

Our lobby door entrance will be open all day. Our school door entrance will have the safety lock activated at 9am. Please ring the bell for entrance after 9am.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy faculty wishes to put our full attention on their students during school hours. We wish to limit our conversations with parents during drop-off and pick-up. Please understand our efforts to focus on our students during the school hours of 8AM-4PM.

All students need to be picked up no later than 4pm unless prior arrangements with a faculty member have been made.

We want our students to be independent learners. Faculty will provide guidance during school hours (8am – 4pm) to meet each student’s needs. Students are encouraged to ask questions related to their subjects as they occur. Students are also encouraged to take charge of their assignments and to take responsibility in learning course content just as they will in college. We know sometimes students need extra help. If a student would like additional help in coursework, after school assistance is available. Any student that remains at SLP after 4pm will incur a $20 per hour fee paid to SLP at pick up. If that fee is not paid at pick up an invoice will be sent by email via Freshbooks. Please contact Mrs. Mathews to schedule after school assistance.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy will schedule parent conferences twice annually. Each conference will cover the student’s individualized academic plan; the student’s learning style, extracurricular activity updates, high school exit strategy, and/or college readiness. At the end of the school year, updated transcripts listing completed courses will be sent to parents. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy may request additional conferences if additional communication is deemed necessary.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy faculty is happy to speak with you about your child/children. Please schedule an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Drop-off and pick-up times are not the time for Sugar Land Preparatory Academy faculty to visit with parents. It is our goal to focus on students still working and maintaining the distraction free environment our students enjoy.

A goal for our students is to develop an awareness of acceptable style appropriate for school and other activities. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy believes that our school should be a relaxed environment where our students can feel comfortable. However, pants too low on the hips, immodest clothing, improper words or images on clothing, tattoos, questionable piercings, unnatural hair color, excessive makeup, etc. is not acceptable. Ultimately, the judgment of the school administration will dictate what is acceptable in all matters of dress and grooming. We may ask, on occasion, for students to “dress up” for certain events.

  • Hair color – Only natural colors – no pink, blue, etc
  • Piercing – No spikes or gauges/cartilage/eyebrow/lip/nose/tongue/navel piercings
  • No Tattoos
  • No low cut or high cut shirts.
  • No Hats
  • Pants – No midriff showing when standing, sitting or bending over. No boxers or low pants!
  • Skirt and shorts lengths – Be careful.
  • No inappropriate logos, images, or wording on clothing.
  • Facial hair needs to be minimal.

Each student will be expected to utilize a laptop computer throughout the academic day. It is very important that laptops already have continually updated anti-virus protection and perform correctly and efficiently. A weekly full-system scan is necessary for proper maintenance. We highly recommend that the laptop be restricted to school use only. Parents must make that decision for their child, Sugar Land Preparatory Academy will not be responsible for unfiltered apps, games, or damage to laptops due to uploading/downloading from sites the student may visit outside the scope of academic sites approved by Sugar Land Preparatory Academy. Caution: Many websites offer free online games. Please do not let you children go to these websites. Often times the free game sites contain viruses or load unwanted solicitations that slow down a computer’s operating system. Smart phones, Ipad, Ipod, Kindle and laptop games are not encouraged while on Sugar Land Preparatory Academy property. All gaming must receive approval from both the student’s parents and Mrs. Appelbaum before being used. Gaming is limited to breaks and lunch. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy reserves the right to check laptops at any time. Students caught using laptops in inappropriate ways will be asked to contact their parents to discuss the misuse. Misuse includes and is not limited to G-chat/Hangouts with people outside of Sugar Land Preparatory Academy including/but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Vines, as well as net surfing for information that is not school related.

This software enables the Sugar Land Preparatory Academy faculty to monitor each student’s laptop while on our school wireless network. School is for coursework and learning, not for social networking, YouTube, or video games.

Please do not allow your children to bring games, music, etc. to school unless you have received Sugar Land Preparatory Academy permission.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy reserves the right to remove any device. Removed devices may be picked up by parents at pick-up time. There is no reason for students to bring any device other than their personal laptop and cell phone. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy encourages parents to check phones and devices for inappropriate apps. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy provides ear buds and e-readers. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy is not responsible for lost or damaged devices of any kind.

We have designated certain times when students may use cell phones in order to limit distractions.

  • Lunch: 11:30am-12pm
  • Break #2:  2pm-2:30pm
  • After: 3:50pm

We will collect cell phones during all tests. Students can check phones before and after tests to make sure a parent has not communicated with them about pick up time. In case of an emergency, please call, text or email a Sugar Land Preparatory Academy faculty member:

Students are responsible for bringing lunch each day. Students may also bring snack items. We recommend a healthy diet to promote academic and physical success. Students who have had adequate sleep, a healthy breakfast, and healthy food throughout the day perform better.

Lunch Hours Monday thru Friday – 11:30 am-12:30pm

We offer the following for student use: a full-size refrigerator, a mini fridge, three microwaves, a toaster oven, and two Panini presses. It is the students’ responsibility to clear out the refrigerator on Friday before dismissal.

Students are also responsible for cleaning their lunch items in a timely manner and cleaning all drinks and snack wrappers from their study areas daily.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy seeks to develop independent learners, not dependent on a school, or a teacher to advance their education. We take great pride in preparing our students for college. Students are expected to read, understand, and articulate the instructions of each course before they begin completing assignments. The instructions guide students through a “brain-based” style of “Learning Dynamics”. Students are required to learn academic material using the specific instructions of each individual course. Content mastery is the ultimate goal.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy has created detailed course goals, objectives and deadlines. If a student does not meet daily goals while at school, he/she will be required to do homework. Students are required to have a daily progress check with a Sugar Land Preparatory Academy faculty member before leaving school. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy has prepared manageable, individualized objective plans that students will be required to follow. Students who do not manage time appropriately will be assigned HOMEWORK. This is a college prep school. We will be doing our students a disservice if we do not hold them accountable as required in college. There is adequate time to complete daily course goals, objectives, and deadlines.

ALEKS Math includes a feature that lets Sugar Land Preparatory Academy schedule assessments. Assessments will be scheduled biweekly. Each student will have an assigned math assessment day. Students will not be allowed to use their math notes while taking assessments. Assessments will be scheduled in advance and there will be ample time allowed for preparation. The goal is to promote knowledge retention and mastery in mathematics.

All students are required to do 72 hours of physical activity (36 hours per semester) P.E. credits are required for high school graduation and are added to our student’s annual transcripts. P.E. classes will not be offered at SLP. Many students are involved in sports clubs and classes outside school. These activities can be used to meet the required 72 hours of P.E. credit. We will need parents or coaches to document and sign forms for credit. Forms available upon request.

All students are required to do 72 hours (36 hours a semester) in the arts. ART classes will not be offered at SLP. We will need parents or art instructor (theatre, instruments, acting, art classes, choir, etc.) to document and sign forms for credit. Forms available upon request.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy uses the NEW College Preparatory Academy curriculum. This curriculum has a modern approach to grading. Students will complete and turn in lessons for grading. A faculty member will grade and critique the lesson as they are turned in. Middle school tests will be administered only when reaching mastery of coursework. A test grade of 90% is expected before students can advance to the next course.

Testing will be done at the end of each course. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy expects each student to take a test on a designated date. Each student is expected to score 90%. If a student does not reach the required score, the student will take an additional (different) test to ensure mastery of the material. This will be at the instruction of the student’s mentor, not the school manager. If a 90% or above is not earned on the retake exam, Sugar Land Preparatory Academy will schedule a parent conference to discuss the school and student’s expectations. Students are graded on their essays and term papers, mid-terms, and final exams. We teach students a systematic approach to learning material. Students should not have to “cram” for a test. They will learn to articulate what has been learned and should be able to answer test questions in their own words.

Students will now be required to take their quarter, mid-term, and final exams one week after completing a course at a designated date and time. We will hold firm on test dates and times to prepare our students for the rigors of college. Time limits will be assigned for each test. Students will receive the grade earned. Each student has multiple opportunities to add grades through participation. Students may also receive an opportunity to raise a grade with a “project” or “Honors” level extra credit. Parents will be required to sign a waiver giving the student permission to accept the grade earned if it is below a 90% with understanding that it will be reflective in the total GPA. This is not ideal and could affect the students college options.

Progress Reports will be e-mailed to parents. Parents will receive progress reports twice monthly. This is the faculty’s opportunity to inform parents about their child’s progress. It is important to the faculty to have parents involved to assist us with holding your child/children accountable to complete all the requirements needed to graduate high school.

These outings are both educational and enjoyable. It is important for students to take pride in their appearance and learn to make good choices when dressing for special occasions. Parents who wish to attend field trips must contact school administration. Parents will need to fill out an updated field trip permission form each year. We have established a field trip protocol. Students will be assigned a vehicle and must remain in that vehicle throughout the trip. Students will be assigned buddy/buddies that they must stay with throughout the field trip. At least one buddy must have a cell phone. Please have cell phones fully charged. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy will send mass texts and emails that will be sent prior to field trips.

All books and furnishings provided by Sugar Land Preparatory Academy are to be handled with care. Loss or damage beyond normal wear will be charged to the student.

Tuition is due on the first day of each calendar month during the school year and will be considered delinquent on the 5th of the month. Starting on the 6th of the month you will be automatically invoiced $20 each week that the fee is late. This applies to September-May tuition. The Enrollment Form quotes total tuition for the academic school year showing the start and end dates. Tuition is based on a ten month school year. We require a 30 day written notice if you choose to remove your child from school before the academic school year is completed.

Time missed from school may put a student at a disadvantage. Consistent attendance corresponds directly to overall success. SLP implements a 90 Percent Rule. The 90 Percent Rule states that students must attend class for 90 percent of the time to avoid losing points due to absences and/or tardiness. Out of curtesy, SLP asks that you text, email, or call 281-303-5590 if a student will be absent so the staff can alter our plans/schedules accordingly. Students are required to complete course objectives for the day/days missed, as homework. If your child will miss school for a planned reason we ask that you provide prior notice.

Students with a consistent cough, runny nose, or any contagious illness should not be brought to school. Students must be “fever free” for twenty-four hours before returning to school. If a student misses school, it is the student’s responsibility to complete their pre-planned academic objectives each day they are absent. Work will still be due weekly on their assigned turn-in day. This will enable your student to maintain his or her goals/studies.

Traumatic experiences outside of school can have a great impact on a student’s behavior and/or performance in school. Please notify Sugar Land Preparatory Academy should your child suffer such an experience.

A school Medication Authorization Form must be completed for all medications, including over the counter medications. All medications need to be supervised by school faculty, including herbal medications. Parents must provide written instructions from the prescribing physician regarding daily and weekend dosages. Any changes in medication type, dosage, and/or frequency must be ordered by the prescribing physician. Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action. It is the responsibility of parents to insure an adequate supply of medication. Parents should communicate regularly with the school to confirm the supply.


Our goal is to collaborate with you to provide the best and safest medical care for your child. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns about this policy.

Parents will be notified of inappropriate behavior by their child. Conduct Referrals for flagrant offenses, such as ignoring faculty, ignoring Honor Code, handbook/rules of conduct, rudeness directed at anyone, fighting, disrespect, inappropriate language, explicit images, etc. may cause expulsion.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy follows strict protocol before accepting potential new students. We have had a good track record. There will be the occasional behavioral challenge. Please understand that as soon as a situation is brought to a faculty member’s attention, we will address this issue and work quickly to get to the root cause. Our goal is to determine what is at the base of the issue. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy plans to distinguish/mitigate issues as quickly and as gently as we can. There will be consequences. The following sequence of corrective actions will be taken:

  1. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy conducts a private conference with the student.
  2. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy requests cooperation and assistance from parents.
  3. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy reserves the right to expel a student if matters are not resolved immediately.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy has a zero-tolerance policy. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy reserves the right to expel any student for disciplinary reasons.

All articles found at Sugar Land Preparatory Academy should be turned into school administration. Anyone losing an article should check with Sugar Land Preparatory Academy faculty. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy is not responsible for any lost items. If students bring personal items to school they are responsible for those items. Please label your personal items to assure they are returned if lost.

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy is operated on a non-discriminatory basis and no one shall be excluded from enrollment because of race, color, sex, religion or national origin. However, we reserve the right to not accept students for reasons including but not limited to merit in conduct, previous academic record, attitude, etc.