Sugar Land Prep Admission

If you have a motivated child who loves to learn, NOW is the perfect time to ask yourself: Is your child receiving the all-around education you desire?

Sugar Land Preparatory Academy (SLP) is a school where self-directed middle and high school students take control of their education. SLP opened in 2009 and has quickly become one of the most unique and successful schools in the U.S. catering to high achieving students with outstanding character.

Prospective students are interviewed and screened. SLP’s curriculum is not typical; it is challenging and rigorous, and students are required to earn “A’s.” They have digital courses and assignments that are self-paced that prepare students for the tech-savvy future. High school students are only accepted if they are transferring “A’s” from their previous schools. SLP has an open concept-learning environment that is reminiscent of university libraries and collaborative “group think” style businesses like Google. Their students schedule their days like they are running a business, intertwining coursework with lessons in life-skills, planning, goal setting, and mentoring.

SLP students learn how to be pro-active thinkers.  They work on a block schedule to closely parallel the structure of college courses. SLP does not use test taking shortcuts like true-false or multiple choice. Essay tests are the norm. Students participate and manage professional meetings and speech contests to learn and practice the art of articulating knowledge and passion.

SAT and ACT prep is included in SLP’s standard curriculum. Students begin taking and practicing PSAT, SAT, ACTs as early as 6th grade. SLP has a high percentage of 7th graders who have earned DUKE TIP State and Grand recognition.


Sugar Land Prep is a (cafe’ style) school. The goal is to keep tuition low. Students will have educational professionals that are personally vested in each of their successes. Sugar Land Prep is affiliated with the NEW College Preparatory Academy using their proven educational model and on-line curriculum. Sugar Land Prep is very confident in the NEW College Preparatory Academy curriculum and is sure that as more schools learn about their proven success, it will become a sought after name in education throughout the world.

Sugar Land Prep is honored to provide this academically proven model of education. As owners of ATi, (the largest teacher training organization in the U.S. and growing internationally) we know a good program when we see it. Being affiliated with the NEW College Preparatory Academy, we are in a position to offer an extraordinary new approach in education that is growing rapidly throughout the world. We believe the NEW College Preparatory Academy is the most qualified and remarkable educational model out there today. We are joining forces to provide new leaders of positive change in the world. In our affiliation with the NEW College Preparatory Academy we are able to offer families the benefits that NEW College Preparatory Academy has already put into action. They are recognized by the College Board (the SAT professionals) as a secondary diploma granting institution (CEEB Code 440-226) and are listed on the National Roster of Secondary Schools by the Educational Testing Service.

Sugar Land Prep provides a faculty success team for students instead of just one teacher. By having our curriculum on-line, the students work at their individual paces and have educators and graders. They receive both motivation and inspiration from our from our education professionals during school each day. They will not need to wait for classmates to understand a lesson or catch up before they can move forward in their academic lessons. They will not wait for a teacher’s instructions or for the class to behave correctly.

  • We have a NO Tolerance Policy. Sugar Land Prep does not allow negativity, bullying, inappropriate dress or words.
  • We have a Respect Policy. Students must show respect for their peers.
  • Sugar Land Prep students work at their individual paces. They will not need to wait for classmates to understand a lesson or catch up before they can move forward in their academic lessons. They will not wait for a teacher’s instructions.
  • There is no assigned homework. There will be no more late nights and rounding up paperwork in the morning.

Students may need to catch up at home if they take a vacation or are ill for several school days. They may need to finish something if they set their goals high for a week. They will have some home reading for literature. They will not have assigned homework. They are given enough time and assistance during the week to complete their work and advance quicker than traditional classes because they will not be interrupted or expected to wait for other students to complete a lesson before they can move on.

For those who feel their child strives to be the best in the eyes of others, Sugar Land Prep will teach them how important it is for them to gain that feeling from within as a positive means to personally grow. They will see their accomplishments by achieving personal goals and reaching for the stars in ways others may never consider. This will be an important part of their self-worth throughout life. They will become “thinkers” with the ability to make positive choices when life provides difficult situations. her Sugar Land Preparatory Academy students, parents, faculty, and property.

I wonder about pulling my child out of “the real world” environment.
Sugar Land Prep better prepares its students for the real world by not exposing them to it until they have the tools they need to make positive choices when life provides difficult situations. Sugar Land Prep is very selective in the students enrolled. Our students will be encouraged to each grow at their own individual pace. Family values will always be considered.

Yes. NEW College Preparatory Academy graduates have not only been accepted, but many have received scholarships and national honors (including National Merit Scholarships). Colleges that have accepted NEW College Preparatory Academy students include: Austin College,* Baylor University,* Berean College, Collin County Community College,* Dallas Baptist University,* Dallas County Community College,* Excelsior College, Geneva College, Le Tourneau University, Navarro College, North Central Texas College, Pepperdine University,* Southern Methodist University,* Southwestern Assemblies of God University,* Tarrant County College,* Texas A & M University,* Texas Christian University,* Texas Tech University, United States Air Force Academy,* University of North Texas, University of Texas – Arlington,* University of Texas – Austin, University of Texas – Dallas,* University of Texas – Tyler, * Wake Forest University.
* Indicates students were offered scholarships or received honors

Laptops are portable. Students can take their work with them. However, everything can be done on a desktop PC.

Yes. By using the NEW College Preparatory Academy, students can receive Credit by Examination based on the courses.

Yes. Depending on what they have done, you may get full or partial credit toward diploma requirements. These have to be properly documented and submitted for review. Activities such as karate, ballet, choir, volleyball, etc., can be used for PE, art, and elective requirements.

ALEKS.com- Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course. ALEKS then instructs the student on the topics she is most ready to learn. As a student works through a course, ALEKS periodically reassesses the student to ensure that topics learned are also retained. ALEKS courses are very complete in their topic coverage and ALEKS avoids multiple-choice questions. The most important feature of ALEKS is that ALEKS uses artificial intelligence (AI) to map the details of each student’s knowledge. ALEKS “knows,” at each moment, with respect to each individual topic, whether each individual student has mastered that topic. If not, ALEKS knows whether the student is ready to learn the topic at that moment. ALEKS uses this knowledge to make learning more efficient and effective by continuously offering the student a selection of only the topics she is ready to learn right now. This builds student confidence and learning momentum.

Instead of Advanced Placement, Sugar Land Prep uses College Level Examination Program (CLEP), which, in many cases, provides more credit and has more courses accepted by more colleges. CLEP exams also cost less and are available year-round.

Research that demonstrates that PCs and the Internet is where the future of education, particularly college education, is going. In most colleges today, virtually every college has most of their courses on the internet, even the conventional “sit-down” courses. Students going to college today, not only need to be prepared academically and intellectually, but need to be technically competent in using the PC and the internet.

The block schedule is one in which students focus on 2-3 core courses at a time in order to concentrate more each day on the courses. They complete the courses in fewer weeks. We have found this to be better and faster for students just because there is more time on task. Many colleges have gone to the block schedule because they have found it to be more efficient and flexible both for the college and for the student.

We offer science labs during the school day according to the science levels for each student?

Articles in the World Book treat subjects better and in more depth than most textbooks. World Book has supplemental material and audio/visual enhancement in many articles. For example, in the article “Music,” students can listen to different types of music. In “Orchestra,” each of the major instruments can be heard. PLUS – the high-speed access reduces time.

Students can apply just about any physical activity toward PE credit. A log or attendance documentation is sufficient for the award of PE credit. The minimum requirements are 3 hours per week for at least 12 weeks over a semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). Karate classes, ballet, team sports, and even personal fitness with weight lifting, running, cycling, etc., can be applied with proper documentation.

Sugar Land Prep and NEW College Preparatory Academy affiliates operate year-round. Students can start at any time. The academic year starts each September 1 and ends the following May 31.

Accelerated Learning is a program that engages more parts of the brain and trains the brain to better organize information. Just about everyone can learn these skills and benefit from them. Students will learn to:

  • Access information through better and faster learning methods
  • Evaluate the information to determine what is important
  • Integrate that information with other knowledge the student already possesses
  • Organize the information so it is easier to absorb, remember, and recall
  • Understand the information as patterns of thoughts and ideas

Duo Lingo is provided by Sugar Land Prep and NEW College Preparatory Academy awards credit with proper documentation. Students who have already mastered a second language can receive credit through validation testing. In addition, language credit can be awarded for Sign Language.

Fine arts and elective credit can be awarded for music lessons, art classes, ballet, dance, drama, choir, etc., with proper documentation. The minimum requirements are 3 hours per week for at least 12 weeks over a semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Students can start in the 6th grade, regardless of their age, as long as they have demonstrated sufficient responsibility to do this type of program.

No. Sugar Land Preparatory Academy with NEW College Preparatory Academy takes students right where they are and provides them with all they need to graduate and receive diplomas. In some cases, students may need to take a Leveling Course – a customized course written specifically for those students to bring them up to speed if their previous courses did not cover all the required subject matter or they simply need the extra help.

Sugar Land Prep and the NEW College Preparatory Academy affiliates and staff takes scheduled breaks during the year, usually around the regular holidays. Families can take breaks and vacations when they wish – just keep your Mentor informed.

Yes. Sugar Land Prep and NEW College Preparatory Academy offers discounts for multiple children from the same family.

Yes. All schools affiliated with NEW College Preparatory Academy may participate in a graduation. Sugar Land Prep hosts a graduation ceremony for our graduates.

All of our online programs have Mentors and Tutors involved with students. They are available to students and parents by email or telephone. Individual Mentors will have standard contact times and contact protocols.

Yes. Through NEW College Preparatory Academy we offer a Dual-Credit track where ambitious students who have demonstrated college level ability can take college courses or prepare for CLEP and DANTES exams for college credit.

Sugar Land Prep uses the MySATpower.com comprehensive program to prepare students for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests These are offered to home school, private school, and public school students as a separate program. Being affiliated with the NEW College Preparatory Academy our students receive this as part of the regular program at no extra cost.

To be honest, you may run into problems in the middle of the year. However, we want to make a big point here – we have designed our system to enhance, enrich, and accelerate the education of our students. We do not consider compatibility with public schools to be a factor in how we design and implement our program. Indeed, if the public schools met the needs of the families, we wouldn’t be in business.

We expect students to apply a minimum of two hours a day to each subject. The average student should carry three subjects at a time, so 6 hours per day would be the norm.

Other than the curriculum, Sugar Land Prep uses NEW College Preparatory Academy Advantage, and SAT Prep mentioned in other questions. We have the NEW College Preparatory Academy to College program in which we provide specific counseling on college:

  • Selection – Scanning information from different colleges to determine which ones meet your wishes.
  • Application – Assistance in completing applications and essays.
  • Funding – Assistance in searching for funding sources and preparing financial forms.
  • Enrollment – Preparing the student to go to college when a college has been selected. This program is also available to public and private school students.

Sugar Land Prep provides all of the college readiness skills that students need before they go to college. We do have an online college mentoring program that continues the contact and assistance mainly to coach the student how to implement the learned techniques in their college courses. We want to offer Sugar Land Prep students extra security in their freshman year in college.